Quit your crying….

As many of you have heard by now this years sectional is all online…..that’s right….NO sectionals.  Now here’s the crazy part…..everyone’s at attention with their opinions concerns and complaints.  As if the people that have grown this community to what it is haven’t attacked The Games qualification process from every angle? I say quit crying….

I can’t believe they’re going to judge that much video, but I also didn’t think that Rogue would get 400 people through 4 workouts in one day at the 2010 Central East Sectional.  I have full faith in the HQ team, and love that they’re trying new things. We have to remember that The Games are only in their 5th year, and in the life of a sport, we’re still an embryo. Hell look at college football…. how many years has that been around and they still don’t agree on a playoff system. I think it’s great that HQ is expanding and trying new things, and guess what….if it doesn’t work, they wont do it again. It’s called a learning curve!

There are two main reasons I like it:
Some people may not be able to afford to travel to a sectional. So if you don’t have the $ to get to a sectional you should be out?
What if something earth shattering happens in your life and you can’t make it that one weekend, should you lose a year of training?

My main reason I don’t like it:
You lose the coming together of the community on a large scale to support each other.

At the end of the day…..it is what it is. You don’t have to agree with it, but you still have to do it. So I say train hard and perform on game day and the cream will rise to the top.