Bashful isn’t just one of the 12 dwarfs

Bashful doesn’t quit explain the feeling I get every time some tells me how awesome I am, or how I’ve inspired them or any compliment really. ¬†Why? ¬†Because I honestly don’t think I’m doing anything special or crazy. It’s a conversation I’ve had with several people, and I think I understand why people see it as awesome, but mentally I cant seem to wrap my head around.

So what others see as so special about what I do:
1. I’ve been dedicated to pushing through CrossFit workouts for 3 years on a consistent basis
2. I’ve been to 4 certifications to further educate myself on the sport
3. I’ve changed my nutrition intake from eat what ever to eating clean
4. I’ve changed my whole life to focus all my energy on CrossFit

Why I don’t think it’s so special:
1. I assume everyone works this hard
2. Anyone could do what I’m doing if they wanted to

And that’s the catch…anyone could do what I’m doing….but they don’t….and that’s what makes it special. I get it, just hard to truly get my head around.

I’m bashful when people compliment me because I’m just doing what I love and having fun doing it, and I don’t see that as special, I see that as living what I love.

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