CrossFit Bling

I was recently introduced to Fashletics….a jewelry company that makes pieces designed specifically for CrossFitters.

CrossFit is changing the way society perceives women and strength.  It’s becoming more socially acceptable to has muscle as a woman, and men are seeing that as a beautiful physique.  No more 5’9″ 80lbs women that get blown over in the wind, but 5’3″ 130lbs would push the wind back!

That doesn’t mean that we don’t want to be feminine while we’re tough.  Fashletics allows the best of both worlds.  I know I’ve got the RX necklace on it’s way up to me as I type this message.

They have necklaces with beautiful pendants, kettlebell necklaces, dog tags and a new line of inspirational quotes.  Not sure what to get your loved one for xmas….why not a piece from Fashletics?  I know I can’t wait to get mine!

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