You want me to what?

Bench Press…..That’s right, this crossfitter bench pressed today.

I giggle every time crossfitters talk about the bench press.  Why?  Because most don’t see it as a functional movement, so why do it right?  I couldn’t disagree more. CrossFit is about being comfortable with anything that’s thrown at you.  Today it was bench press.

So I did feel a little like I was in high school at Ty loaded weight on to a bench press bar at the Gorilla Pit today.  Having me do sets of 5 and 3 and rest.  I felt like I should have thrown in some bicep curls for good measure.  I also discovered that I don’t know how to bench press.  Who knew.  Isn’t it just take the weight out of the rack touch your chest and drive up?  NO….

There’s breathing involved…..elbow path…..pausing at the bottom…..driving up….and of course, yelling ‘take it’ when you’re going to fail. I learned that the hard way.  I thought life was good, brought the weight down, started to press back up and…….fail, weight dropped onto my rib cage.  And holy crap did it sting.  I’ll tell you what, I know when to yell ‘take it now’

But what I also discovered is that I can bench press 145lbs twice when i’m focused.  Being easily distracted, I got distracted and couldn’t refocus to get the 150lbs (aka the weight i dropped on my chest).  I know I have it in me to do more next time 15olbs for sure, 155 possible.  Not bad for a 130lbs CrossFitter.