I keep a food journal too

The holidays derailed me, much as it did everyone. I ate way too many pastries, cookies and pies, but damnt it was good. New year, new diet. Well, not really new diet, but back on the diet. How am I doing that…..a food journal. That’s right, the dreaded food journal. Many of my clients ask me about nutrition and I always guide them to a food journal, and they always roll their eyes and sigh. GUESS WHAT!!! I do the same damn thing.

But a funny thing happens when you keep a food journal. You instantly rethink everything you put in your mouth. Why? Because you don’t want to write it down, and for me personally I couldn’t live with the guilt of eating it and not writing it down, so I just look at what ever it is longingly and leave it where it is.

For me keeping a food journal allows me to track several things; why I’m not sleeping, why my body isn’t recovering, why I’m feeling sluggish etc. You can trace all these things back to what you’re putting in your body, it all matters. And for those of you looking to drop a few lbs. or gain a few lbs of muscle, nutrition is going to play factor. You can only do so many WODS a day before the nutrition will play an important role.

The key is to start slow;
1. Write down everything you eat for 5 days (DONT CHANGE ANY HABITS, simply track them)
2. Evaluate what time of day you eat (eat too much or too little)
3. Evaluate what is triggering your eating (eating when tired or stressed)
4. Try removing one thing a week until you have a pretty clean diet (could be 1 can of soda a week)

Everyone wants an instant fix, and when it comes to dieting you couldn’t have a worse motive. The slower it comes off, the more likely it will stay off because you’re making life style changes and not yo-yo dieting.

2 thoughts on “I keep a food journal too

  1. I keep my food journal on a spreadsheet that I share with one other person through Google Docs. When I have a “faileo”, I write it down, why I had it, and I highlight it a bright and obvious color. That way, when I’m on the bridge about a faileo, or craving something, it’s the color that defers me from failing. I don’t want my spreadsheet to have that ugly bright color on it. It’s like a big giant “F” marked at the top of your test. It’s a psychological thing, most definitely.

  2. Thanks for blogging about this Kate. I’m feeling discouraged about my weight lately as I feel I’ve been eating very well (with the exception of yesterday, which was a total nutritional disaster!) but the scale just keeps going the other way. I know CFs just keep saying we’re building muscle … but how do we know for sure? How do I know the weight isn’t creeping back up? I certainly don’t want to be obsessive about food but don’t want to be shocked one day when I discover that I’ve gained x number of lbs. I’m taking you up on the food journal idea and love the above “faileo” tidbit too!

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