What’s worse than a barbell complex….

Two barbell complexes!!!

That’s right….today’s PITFIT group was all about back to back barbell complexes.  The first complex consisted of a Deadlift – Hang Power Clean – Split Jerk…..rest 5 minutes and hit Power Snatch – Power Clean – Burpee…..50 reps of each complex.  Ok, so a burpee isn’t really part of a barbell complex, but it’s a son of a bitch to throw into a complex.

Today’s struggle…..an already torn to shit thumb from last weeks workout.  Aka…no hook grip for this kid.  Talk about turning my world upside down.  I have been using the hook grip on all olympic movements for 8 months now, so to lose that I was lost for sure!

As my coach yells ‘adapt and overcome!’ There were some of the most uncomfortable snatches I’ve ever done.  Not physically, but mentally.  Having to change the technique you’ve been using for months on the fly sent me into a small panic.  It took about 15 reps to adapt, but when I did….it was so ON!

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