Against my will I’m seeing a doc….

After two months of fighting a nagging lower back issue I’m finally seeing a doc.  Enough is enough.  I’ve made huge gains in the last three months and having a seizing lower back is really slowing me down.  It’s killing my workout times and efforts.  While I’m still moving large loads and completing wods, they’re definitely NOT pain free!

I am stubborn, especially when it comes to injuries, but sometimes you have to realize you can’t fix it on your own.  Advil, mobility wods and foam rolling have helped slow the pain, but it’s just compounding over time.  I know it’s just a tight hip/hamstring/IT issue, but I can’t quite figure out what’s causing it or how to stop it from happening.  My coahc has been pleading with me for several weeks now and I’ve been putting it off thinking I can fix it on my own, but I cant, so….to rehab I go.