Day two of not drowning

I did it…I got back in the pool today for the second time.  And the craziest thing happened. It wasn’t as scary or as difficult.

After the first day of swimming my neck and shoulder were incredibly tight.  Why?  Because I kept picking my head up out of the water for fear of drowning or swallowing water.  The irony is that picking your head up out of the water is what casuses you to panic and swallow water.  Aint that some sh*t.  My swim coach, Marty Shea, described my first session as ‘you’re like the little kid that wont let go of the edge”.

Meaning I was doing good for the first time in a pool to lap swim in 20+ years, but I was clearly uncomfortable and and tense in the water.  Today’s session I began to loosen up a bit, and it felt more natural.  I was able to get my head farther down in the water, rotate my body a little more to breath and relax into the stroke.  I can’t wait to show my coach my progress on Tuesday.  I think he’ll be mighty proud.

And honestly……it’s fun taking on the challenge of  a new sport.