No tears today

Today was the first workout I’ve done in two weeks that I haven’t ended up in tears with a seized up back, and it felt damn good!  Granted I’m no where near fixed, but I didn’t cry…I’ll take it.

One of the hardest things of being an athlete is dealing with an injury.  You want to push through and ‘deal with it’ but that only works for so long.  I’ve used up all my time, and am quickly realizing it’s going to be quicker to fix the issue and get back to hitting it hard vs trying to push through and hope for the best.

So Monday I head to the Cleveland Clinic Sports Health Center for a date with Radiology and a sports doctor.  I’m hoping to get some answers and I’m hoping their good answers.  As in…’ll be a quick fix and you’ll be fine.  I’m a little nervous based on what I’ve told people and what they have diagnosed it as; a slipped disc or a herniated disc.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I guess that means no competition for me this Sunday….HUGE sad face.  I was so excited to get back into the game and start preparing for The 2011 Games season.  But getting ready for The 2011 Games season is exactly what I’m doing by slowing down and getting healthy.

One thought on “No tears today

  1. Ouch! Your site popped up on an alert set for back pain…got to reading and sounds painful. Good luck at the Dr today! Don’t overlook the opinion of a good chiropractor, if the MD’s start tossing around the surgery word.

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