Another bump in the road

As many of you know I’ve been fighting with my hips and lower back for several weeks now, even verging on months.  Last week it got to a point that I was seized crying in pain in the middle of the gym…..from 65lbs Sumo Deadlift High Pulls….I usually us 95.  So to go 30lbs lighter and still seize I KNEW something was really wrong.  I finally gave into my coach and decided to see a doc.

I was lucky enough to have a few connections to get into the Cleveland Clinic Sport Health Center the next day.  It’s where all the professional sports teams go when they have injured players, so I figure they know a thing or two about treating athletes.

My hips have felt the majority of the pain, so that’s where the first set of xrays were taken.  (that’s right, I said first set of xrays)  After looking at a physical exam and testing for pain we reviewed the xrays.  While my hips have issues of their own, that’s not what he was really worried about.  He had some concerns about my lower back.  Hence the second set of xrays.

Funny mental pic: So for the xrays they gave me these sexy blue paper shorts that were about three sizes too big….I was wearing them with my Rogue hoodie and my plaid snow boots and my reebok snow cap.  Talk about a fashion nightmare!

Anyway…back to the xrays.  So the second set of xrays confirmed the docs fears, a stress fracture in my L5…aka I literally have a broken back!  The good news is that we caught it BEFORE it broke, and we can work on fixing the issue which was a ticking time bomb in my back that I didn’t even know was there.

So years of playing soccer and using my right foot to kick meant that I was constantly planting on my left foot, causing my hip to actually change the shape of my pelvis and twist.  Now…take a twisted spine from 22 years of soccer and load it with a heavy load…SNAP!  It’s an injury that took me 22 years to create, and i’m sure it wont go away over night.

The good news is that I’ve got the best of the best in docs and therapist and I’ll be working hard every day to get back up and running.  And I see this is another bump in the road….one that I’ll get over and be fitter stronger and healthier for.

6 thoughts on “Another bump in the road

  1. Kate, I’m glad you finally got yourself checked out. I know how hard and uncomfortable the whole xray thing can be. You’ve got some good people to take care of you now, just listen and take your time getting back into things. Take care you will get there. Best wishes for a quick and full recovery.

  2. Hey Kate! you might also want to look into NUCCA Chiropractic treatments. I recently went through a series and it really seemed to help 🙂 Hoping for a speedy recovery girlie!

  3. Wow! That’s too bad about your back Kate! It’s a good thing you caught it when you did. You’ll definitely get better for sure unfortunately this may be an injury you struggle with through out the rest of your life. I too am a big competitor with sports (women’s -rugby and soccer) and managed to rack up a stress fractures in my L5 and in my foot. This was a year or so ago and no matter how much rehab and rest it still has never been the same. Hope to see you up and running again soon!

  4. Kate-
    Wow!! Rock on “Killer”! You’ll kick this one out in no time! As you said, just a bump in the road. Some rest & rehab & you’ll be back kicking @$$ faster and harder than you realize! I feel your pain. Got diagnosed with a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis, basically blood clots) which I got in November & have been put on “NO LOWER BODY EXERCISE” regimen for two weeks.
    Just remember this is part of your training also! 😉

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