Meet Carl

Many of you know that I recently found out that I have a stress fracture in my L5, and have had the joy of wearing a beautifully uncomfortable back brace.  We’ve named it ‘Carl’.  Why?  2 reasons….

1. It looks like a movers back brace and a mover might be named ‘Carl’
2. My members also asked when my shift at Costco started, since they all have to wear back braces
See for yourself…..

I’ve been prescribed to wear ‘Carl’ for 4 weeks, maybe longer.  I meet with the Physical Therapist tomorrow at 12:30 to get a better idea of recovery time, what I can and can’t do and how many times a week I’ll be expected to meet with him.

If you’ve ever wondered how long you can wear a back brace before you’re over it…..4 days.  I lasted 4 days in Carl without being completely over it.  Only 3 more weeks….hopefully….