Physical Therapy Report

So I saw the physical therapist today and I have a full report………..i MIGHT be back to 100% in 12 weeks.  Yup….12 whole weeks, and that’s a maybe.

That means no 2011 CrossFit Games for me.  As disheartening as that is I’m trying to stay positive.

– The stress fracture didn’t break leading to surgery and pins in my spine.

– This recovery will give me a chance to come back 1,000 times stronger in 2012….so watch out!

– This will give me some down time to focus on building my business

So the next two weeks are pure rest, possibly some biking, but that’s it.  I also have two PT exercises that I’m allowed to do 3-4 times a week.  And some rolling I should do on the same days.

5 thoughts on “Physical Therapy Report

  1. So sorry Kate…that stinks. Please let me buy you a beer or ten some night over the next 12 weeks 🙂 Look out 2012!

  2. I’m both happy and sad for you.

    I guess the simple fact that the PT threw out the phrase “100 %” at all makes this a pretty good day.

    Enjoy your longest break in…what? 4, 5 years?

  3. Kate my heart is breaking for you… I think you need a break but I know how hard the hiatus will be! I know 2012 will be the year!

    Be in the crowd for 2011!

  4. I am sorry for you and proud of you. I am proud that you are allowing your body to heal and that you made the best choice for your health. Your business is awesome, I can’t wait to see what more awesomeness you will bring in this down time. Best wishes!

  5. Kate,

    That’s a setback and disheartening, but take comfort in the fact that you’ll be coming back harder, faster, & stronger in 2012. Plus, you’ll be able to focus on other areas (business interests, clients, outside hobbies, etc.), which will enrich you as well.

    As for the 2011 Games…is there any way you can do color commentary on the broadcast (radio, webcast, tv)? As a competitor, you’d have inside knowledge on the entire process. Just something to think about…

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