Meet my new coach….

All of you!  That’s right, all of you are my new coach.  Let me explain….

This recent stress fracture in my L5  while incredibly disappointing and frustrating is giving me a new focus.  Myself and my health, and really coming back stronger and faster from this injury.

This will keep me sidelined for 12 full weeks, giving me plenty of time to tackle a new challenge…..coaching an ‘elite athelte’ aka myself.  That’s right, I’m my new coach.  Well…not just me, but the entire community.  I plan on researching different techniques and training methods,  tapping the hundreds of coaches I know from a variety of sports to gain a well rounded view of training and applying them to myself.  No one knows my strengths, weaknesses, nutrition, sleep pattern etc. then I do.

What better challenge for a trainer and a coach to see if they can better themselves.  I was just talking with a friend yesterday about being a great coach for newbies and intermediate CrossFitters, but I’m no ‘elite coach’. I have FAR too much to learn to claim that. I’ve been in sports all my life, CrossFitting for 4 years, coaching for 3, competing for 2 1/2 and I’m just hitting the tip of the iceberg of all the things I need to learn.

But by taking the time to slow down, research, learn from others I’ll strive to learn what it really takes to call myself an ‘elite coach’.   That’ll mean looking at training, recovery, nutrition, the whole package.   Just like every other project I tackle, I use myself as a guinea pig.  I’ll test things on myself, see if they work, and learn from it when they don’t.  Have any suggestions of great training tips….would love to hear from you…

Chinese proverb
Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.

One thought on “Meet my new coach….

  1. Start with mastering the basics…the human body and Force and how the body adapts to force(s) and learn to lean on physics/mechanical enginering concepts to get a true understanding of what goes on “under the skin” to your members bones/joints, et al. aka…watch those Resistance Training Specialists DVD’s!

    The more we know about how the body and force works the better we can be at objectively understand exercise/training and being the best coach we can be vs. just training a certain way because someone says so and following “guru’s”…my 2 cents…Crush it Kate!

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