Tattoo Tuesday

Today I got new ink!  A bow and arrow over my left shoulder.  Where did that come from?  Artemis from greek mythology.

Shortly put…..Artemis was a determined strong willed woman that didn’t want to let love or having to live up to societies ‘standard’ of women.  She protected the weak and vulnerable as well as children.

I connect with this goddess in the fact that I strive to live my life with out distraction and with purpose.  I opened my own gym and have always considered myself a ‘tom boy’ not a pretty girl in pink, ha!  And of course, I’m building my kids program at Coca and am really excited about my free program for abused adolescent girls.

‘She illuminates those places that terrify us and lends us her strength to bring us safely’ through our fears.

One thought on “Tattoo Tuesday

  1. KATE. I love Artemis, she is my girl. Goddess of the hunt.

    I know you have about zero down time, but Jean Shinoda Bolen has a great book called Goddesses in Everywoman. Excellent read.

    Wising you well- a speedy and complete recovery on the outside, and happiness and joy on the inside!

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