My ‘love affair’ with Rogue

My ‘love affair’ with Rogue started three years ago when I attended my level one certification at Rogue.  Those days their box and warehouse were all in one large kick ass space.  It was the place that set the tone for what would happen next….I was certified as a trainer and I decided to compete that weekend.

That following year I was back down at Rogue for the 2009 Midwest Regionals where 31 women from 14 states competed for 6 spots to make it to the CrossFit Games.  A little different than 2010.  I thought I was prepared, but a las, I wasn’t.  I DNF’d a wod, and for non CrossFitters, that means you didn’t finish the workout in the time given.  AKA….FAIL!

In 2010 I returned to Columbus where Rogue hosted the Central East Sectional at The Arnold Classic.  I had the flu that day and finished in 12th, giving me enough to get through to the Regional where I finished in 3rd giving me my ticket to the 2010 Games where I finished 29th.

Bill and Caity have watched my entire career from 1st day newbie to CrossFit Games athlete.  They have supported and encouraged me the entire way.  That’s why I was MORE than honored when they asked me to join the Rogue Team, talk about a little girls dream come true.  I was like a ‘professional’ athlete!?!?!  And with such a GREAT company.

And of course when I opened Coca CrossFit, Rogue was the natural selection to outfit the 5,000 square foot facility.  The 28foot Infinity Rig is the staple in the gym, the hi-temp bumpers are a perfect match for the assortment of Rogue bars that fill the space.

Not only do they make amazing American made products and support our military efforts, they’re amazing people that really want to see their athletes and supported affiliates to succeed, and will go the extra mile to see both happen.

I’m sure Bill and Caity don’t hear it often enough:  THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!  You’re hard work and dedication to the community do NOT go unnoticed.