Paleo For Lent

It’s Ash Wednesday, and that means that start of lent.  That means giving something up for 40 days… decision…..processed foods.

When I found out I was losing this year’s competition season to an injury I made a decision to ‘be human’ for a while.  While I didn’t start eating fast food everyday I also did avoid dairy or grains.  And it felt good.  I’ve been eating a close to paleo diet for almost two years, it felt good to eat what I had a taste for.

I’m taking lent as a perfect time to get my diet back on track.  I’m 6 weeks into my recovery, and have a short 8-10 weeks of rest to go.  It’ll go faster than I think and I need my nutrition to be on point so I’m ready to hit the ground running.  So for 40 days I’m vowing to go Paleo.  I can do anything for 40 days right??!?!?!  hahahaha

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