Body weight snatch here I come….

That’s right….I maybe out with a back injury on 6 weeks rest with another 6 weeks of rest ahead of me, but that doesn’t mean I’m not making progress.

I started reworking my snatch form 3 weeks ago.  Why?  I have a really fast hip putting the final pull of a snatch, clean or dead lift in my back.  That certainly didn’t help offset the stress fracture in my L5.   3 weeks ago my therapist gave me a pvc pipe and asked me to snatch in SUPER slow motion.

A strange thing happened slowing it waaaaaaay down.  I focused on starting low, squeezing my glute, pushing my feet through the floor, driving my hips through and boom….it was the cleanest snatch I’d ever done.  He then asked me to repeat it 60 more times.  I’ve never been so fatigued moving a 3oz pipe.  And for the last three weeks I’ve been working with the pvc pipe and working rep after rep after rep.  Last week I used a 6lb bar and today I used a 9lb bar.  That’s right…..look out body weight snatch.

I managed to pull a 125lb Snatch with a fast hip aka crap form.  Imagine what kind of numbers I can put up utilizing my body the way it’s designed!?!?  While it’s a frustrating slow process I’ll be a better lifter in the long run for it.

2 thoughts on “Body weight snatch here I come….

  1. That’s awesome!

    but why didn’t you learn it that way early on?
    You know as a coach how much effort it takes to get rid of the flaws in stead of learning it right in the first place.

    You have a swimming coach, a PT, another scary coach (referring to the pit), so why didn’t you get a lifting coach?


  2. That is awesome Kate! I know this must be such a loooong process for you but I really love how you are making the best of it. I’m going to need to sit out for 8 weeks because of some surgery and I know it will be hard. And while I’m not a competitor like you, Crossfit is definitely a part of my day to day life and I know I will miss it. I’ll probably be picking up a PVC too. 🙂 Hang in there! Can’t wait to see you come out of the blocks when you get that green light! Watch out!

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