Jersey Shore here I come

After 7 weeks of complete rest I have told my physical therapist that enough is enough.  I can’t take anymore sitting around doing nothing.  His compromise, as long as the spine remains in a neutral position I am allowed to move some weight, but no squatting or olympic lifting.

What does that leave?  My shoulders, arms and back.  I’m totally getting my swell on. ha! I started a lifting/cardio routine on Monday that will give me six days of ‘something’ one day of rest.

Mon-Wed-Fri I’m hitting 4 to 5 movements on my shoulders, back or arms.
Tues-Thur-Sat I’m hitting my rehab movements, pvc snatches and my bike.

While it’s not what I really want to be doing (I’d rather be competing) at least I’m doing something proactive.  The funny thing is that I feel better, and my members have even commented on my new improved attitude.  The much missed endorphins have returned and there’s no going back.

The way I look at is I’m taking time to hit a weakness.  Being a soccer player my whole life has given me a strong lower body, leaving me with shoulders of a 10 year old girl. In 8-10 weeks I’ll have shoulders that will match the strength of my lower body.  LOOK OUT!

One thought on “Jersey Shore here I come

  1. Hey Kate,
    I was just curious what exact movements you were going to do to work your back, arms and shoulders?? Are you talking back to isolation movements, lateral raises, bicep curls, dips, shrugs, front raises, and the like? I too have a terrible back injury and am looking to build those exact areas. If you could get back to me that would be much appreciated 🙂

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