You have nothing to prove

One of the biggest things that has helped me throughout my life is my notion of ‘having nothing to prove’.  Too often people are so concerned about what other people think or may say that they never really do what they want.  My question to them is….. WHY?

I have always followed my heart and my gut.  All while NEVER claiming to be the best, claiming to know it all or claiming to be right for that matter.  I do what I do, I learn from it and I move on (both good and bad).  I don’t let fear rule my decisions.  And I always fail forward.  What has that gotten me?  As a teenager it got me a starting spot on Varsity as a Freshman, a position as captain sophmore/junior and senior year.   In college it led to a starting spot on a D1 soccer team, president of my sorority.  As an adult it lead to a job running 12 T-mobile stores with a fine art degree, a trip to the 2010 CrossFit Games and now my own gym.  And those are just a few examples of wonderful things that came from me just simply being me.

The minute you get caught up trying to ‘be’ something or ‘prove yourself’ you’ve actually lost yourself, you real true self.  As Russell Simmons says, ‘Do You’.  That’s all we all can do.