My new brain child

One of the greatest things of opening your own business is the ability to ‘call the shots’. I’m no longer at the mercy of someone elses vision or plan. I get to! I’m the boss….how scary is that?!?!?! hahahaha

It’s not being the boss that makes entrepreneurship so exciting, it’s being able to play all day.  I truly love watching my clients succeed.  I love helping budding entrepreneurs follow the same path.  I love sharing my experiences with the world.

I ‘play’ all day.  I try new ideas, new programs, new philosophies.  I get outside of my comfort zone and try things.  With no fear.  If I try it and it works……awesome!  If I try it and it fails….at least I tried.

My new brain child; ‘Chewable Chunks’.  A blog based around skills and drills I use personally or with my clients.   I teach a GPP (general preparedness program) the first two weeks of every month, and my key phrase is breaking movements into ‘chewable chunks’.  It’s all about breaking movements down into bite size pieces that are easy to digest.  Trying to take in too much too fast can be overwhelming, so I’m going to break movements into ‘Chewable Chunks’.