You know you need a nap when…

…you can sleep with your head on a shelf in the play room. ha!

In all seriousness, when do you know you need a nap?  When you yawn?  when you’re bored?  For me I know I need a nap when memory loss sets in.

Part of running your own business is wanting to do it all.  Not because you have to, but because you want to.  A business is like a baby.  You watch it grow from nothing into a booming something.  The negative side of that is that it can be hard to disconnect. My first class is at 5am and my last class ends at 8:30pm.  By the time I get home and eat I’m in bed at 10pm with my alarm going off at 4am.  that’s 6 hours….not nearly enough sleep to function off of, especially when you’re training.  My fix…..a nap.

I schedule a 60min nap minimum everyday!  It’s a non-negotiable.  Just like the importance of training, so is the importance of sleep.  It’s when our most important recovery happens.  Speaking of naps….I’m off to grab one now.

One thought on “You know you need a nap when…

  1. Ha good luck catching those naps if you ever decide to have children one day on top of running your own box!!!!!

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