How do you spend your Sundays?

Do you find yourself looking like the image above just because its Sunday?  Why is that?  You’ve worked so hard all week you deserve a day of nothingness?  Imagine what you could accomplish if you chose just one thing to do on Sunday’s and got it done.

I take Sunday’s as a day to accomplish the things I didn’t get to in the previous week.  I rise at 7am, hit a coffee shop by 7:30 and I’ll work until 11 most weeks.  I still have plenty of day to relax and unwind while having successfully chipping away at my todo list.

While some may think that makes me a work-aholic I would have to disagree.  I’m tackling projects that I’m excited about completing, not making it work, but making it a challenge, and I thrive on challenges.  I feel so fulfilled every time I chip away at a project and get closer to or completing it.  That’s my ultimate reward.  I’m outside the norm in the fact that I LOVE to work because it’s not work to me, it’s my lifestyle.