Day 30

I made the claim that I would eat paleo for lent, and that lasted all of 4 days when i got tempted by pizza.  It was 12″ of thin crust deliciousness and it talked to me.  My will power has been questionable since I found out about my back.

9 weeks ago it was confirmed that this games season wasn’t going to happen I took the chance to be ‘human’ again.  For two years I have watched everything I’ve put in my mouth.  Weighing and measuring, carrying around a water jug, avoiding booze etc.  When I knew I had to take down time from working out, I decided to take some down time from eating obsessively.  The problem with that….I’ve gone soft.

I just got done reading Robb Wolf’s Paleo Diet and have decided no more excuses.  I’m 3-4 weeks away from working out again, so that gives me 3-4 weeks to get my nutrition back in line.  With that being said….today is day 30.  Robb’s suggestion is to commit to 30 days, so that’s what I’m doing.  I’ll keep you all updated of my progress, slip ups included.