Train the Trainer: Snatch Practice

I’ve been working the Snatch with pvc for weeks now, and I’m looking for your thoughts on my form.  I’ve created a short video with shots at a 45 degree angle and a side angle.

What would you change/tweak?

5 thoughts on “Train the Trainer: Snatch Practice

  1. I would watch the direction of my feet on the jump – very back and then jamming forward to meet the ground. Try to get the motion up and decrease the pull back – lots of added pressure to the patellar tendon – but the landing position looks good. May just be overpulling with hamstrings because of no weight?

  2. …get foot height off the ground from hip flexion rather than knee flexion – pull your knees up and feet around under you using stored energy from hip extension.

  3. Hi Kate,

    I’ve been working my Olympic lifts quite a bit lately and my ‘tweak’ would be to stay over the bar longer. By lifting your chest before your extension/explosion, you take power out of it. Hang over the bar, be patient to give yourself the maximum length for your extension.

    My 2 cents~

    P.S. I love Sock it to Me socks too! 🙂

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