But how do your pants fit?

I hear the same question from many of my new members…..Why am I gaining weight?

Over the last four years I’ve observed a common thread; many people maintain or even gain weight their first two months of CrossFit.  Personally I think there are two reasons for this, the obvious muscle gain argument, but I think your body is adapting to the new routine.  Often people are starting CrossFit in a de-conditioned state, and it takes some time for your body to figure out what the hell you’re doing to it.

My rebutle to their question:  But how do your pants fit?

The answer is often ‘they’re baggy’ or ‘I’m down a size’

If your clothes are fitting looser whos care how much you weigh?

3 thoughts on “But how do your pants fit?

  1. So true Kate! That was exactly my experience and it can be very frustrating when you’re working so hard. I started Crossfitting in June and didn’t start losing weight until August/Sept. In 6 months I only lost 10-15 lbs BUT went down 3 sizes! I’m sure many new Crossfitters will appreciate knowing they are not alone in this. Nice post!

  2. That’s why I always take measurements – of my thighs, hips, waist and arm. Those are good numbers to go by.

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