I am ‘The Little Red Hen’

I often wonder where I get my crazy work ethic from, and after a conversation I had with my dad this weekend, I think I’ve figured it out…..a book my grandmother read me as a kid,  ‘The Little Red Hen’.

If you’ve never read The Little Red Hen, the basic premiss of the book is that the little red hen asks for help from his friends (a dog/a cat/a pig/a duck), but all along they’re too busy to help and by the end of the book he’s got fresh bread that his friends want to eat, but he doesn’t share his bread because they wouldn’t help.  He took on all the little tasks to get the end result he wanted, bread.

A common trait of my generation is that we’re the entitlement generation.  We want the VP title, the fancy car and the six figure paycheck, but we don’t want to have to work to get it.  And having worked in the corporate world for 5 years, I would agree with that statement.  I worked with a few cats/dogs/pigs and ducks and often felt like the little red hen. If I needed it done I would just tackle it myself.  And when there was ‘glory’ to be had the cats/dogs/ducks and pigs were right there to try and get a little bit of the light.

I have gotten caught up on the wrong things like money and fancy clothes before, but have always been the little red hen at heart.  I may not always like tackling all the tasks I do, but I know they need to get done, and that if I want them done right and on time it’s easiest to just get it done myself.

I’ll also say that being the little red hen isn’t always the best trait.  I find it hard to delegate tasks even though I know people that could and would be willing to help.  I like the feeling of accomplishment I get when I cross something off my list.  It’s sick…I know….I’m a work in progress.

One thought on “I am ‘The Little Red Hen’

  1. I am a teacher and I feel like a red hen. No one helps me test,create plans or do reteaching of skills not mastered to the 25 kids in my class but when they score well on the state tests- the administration want a raise for having an excellent school!!!!

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