Box Swap????

You see it with lots of different things….wife swap..home swap…etc  Why not a box swap?

One of the things I’ve quickly learned about opening up a box as a solo owner, you’re it!  If you’re not there there is no box.  That also means if you go on vacation your members are left in the cold, and then the light bulb went off……BOX SWAP!

When most CrossFitters go on vacation they want to continue to workout, and its just fun to visit other affiliates and see how they operate, meet their community.  I’ll be honest, when I go on vacation I can relax for a day maybe two and then I’m itching to get back after it.  I truly love working and sharing my passion, but some times I just want a change of scenery.

What’s a box swap?  Exactly what it sounds like….I run your box for a week, you run mine.  You run my boxes programming and vice versa.  What an interesting experiment.  It would be neat to teach members something new, and more importantly learn from them.    INow I just have to find the second party that’s on board.

Who’s up for a box swap?  Email me at

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