To supplement or not to supplement

I personally have gone back and forth with this over my two year competition career. I started on Advocare, was treated like complete crap by their customer service department, took a few months off supplements, and was introduced to AtLargeNutrition. I can tell a difference with my performance and recovery with just a few products.

So what do I take?
Results – a pre workout drink. I only take 1/2 a serving about an hour before I workout. If I take it more than that it tends to come back up on my mid workout.

Opticen – post workout recovery shake. It’s thick and hearty and a fun sweet treat.

ETS – a big part in my recovery time and ability to wod day in and day out

BCAA – the best tasting BCAA’s I’ve tasted, and I’ve tasted quite a few

Yes….you can get what you need from food, but when you’re competing EVERY second truly matters, and I’m striving to achieve many more appearances at the games and that means keeping myself moving, recovering and of course, improving. Could I train without supplements, sure, but I prefer to compete utilizing supplements.

It’s much like your diet. ┬áIt’s a personal choice and you have to do what works for you.

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