Running’s hard…

For the first time in 14 weeks I went for a run.  I was incredibly nervous as to what was going to happen, so I committed to run to the corner before giving up.  The corner is about 400m away. My thought process was, if I can’t make it 400m, it wouldn’t take long to get back. ha!

I got 400m in and no pain.  1 mile in…no pain!  2miles in….NO PAIN!  My back held up and was pain free.  Everything else…now that’s a different story.  My legs were on fire and my abs felt like they were ripping apart.  I may have run a 8:30/9min pace.  I know it was a slow pace, but it was trial run and I achieved what I wanted.  A pain free run.  It’s one more step towards my full return to CrossFit and competing.

My motto: Beast of the East here I come!