My warmup up is my ritual

That sounds incredibly cheesy, I’m 100% aware of that, but it’s true. When I warm up that’s my chance to get my head on right. My time to forget the stresses of the day, shake off any negative energy and focus on the task at hand. Completing the days wod, skill work, lift with 100% focus and dedication.

For my box I change the warmup daily as I know my members would probably get bored if they did the same thing day after day. After all CrossFit is all about being different everyday right? For me I do the same exact warmup EVERY DAY no matter what the workout is. I may add a few movements at the end for that specific workout, but the base of my warmup remains the same.

It becomes a ritual. By the end of the warmup, my body, emotions and mental state are all in a state of calm. By completing my ritual I am able to center myself. Working out is so much more than just doing more work faster. It’s about being in a place where you’re ready to put yourself in a place of pain and continue moving. You have to be able to block out the singles screaming for you to stop and complete one more rep and one more and one more.

Try it….create a warmup that you will complete every day with out fail. See if in a week or two if you’re calmer and more controlled going into your wod. See if your focus and ability to squeeze out one more rep increases. And of course….tell me how it turns out for you.

One thought on “My warmup up is my ritual

  1. I would love to know what sort of things your warmup includes. I know it’s your ritual and maybe you don’t want to share specifics. But as a CF newbie who is still developing my own warmup it would really help!

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