Learning new sport, a CrossFit cornerstone

I have committed to learn and compete in a new sport next month: Highland/Strongman

That’s right…at 5’3″ and 135lbs I’ve been talked into rocking the kilt and throwing, holding and picking up heavy things.  OH BOY….  As a warmup I’m heading down to Durniat Strength next Sunday to learn the events.  Nothing like learning a sport on the fly. ha!

So what are the events?
Log Press for reps
Braemar Stone
Thor’s Hammer
Weight for Distance
Farmer Walk/Tire Flip Medley
Weight for Height

Specific weights for women have not yet been announced, but I’m sure they’ll be heavy. After all this event is a strength biased sport. Regardless of the weight or my outcome it’s going to be fun to get outside my comfort zone, meet a new community of people and throw heavy things.

One thought on “Learning new sport, a CrossFit cornerstone

  1. Kate, I’m pretty sure Margaret and I and a few others were heading out for this event either way. Glad to see you will be participating. Maybe I’ll be there next year.

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