Train with the trainer

What the hell is this ‘Train with the trainer’ class on the Coca CrossFit calendar?  It’s exactly what it’s named.  A time to come in and train side by side with me, the trainer.

Being that I lead 95% of the classes at Coca CrossFit right now, I’m often left training alone.  That’s fine by me as I know it’s a big mental game when you train alone.  If i don’t want it when no one’s looking, I clearly don’t want it.  But there’s the flip side of the coin… training with others brings a different energy.  I know that when I started competing I started training with people that were better than me allowing me to better myself.

So I added a ‘Train with the trainer’ class.  It’s not really a class in the sense that I’m not going to lead it like a normal class.  We’re all peers and equals in this class.  This class is open to anyone in the CrossFit community and is 100% FREE.  Come to every one, or come once a month, but come and ‘Train with the trainer’