I’ve never been this nervous for Regionals

Why????  Because I’ve agreed to judge eeeeeeekkkkkk…….

The past two year’s I’ve spent training and competing in CrossFit competitions.  I know that every rep  I complete is under the watchful eye of a judge and it’s subject to their discretion if a rep counts our not.  I do everything in my power to make sure my judge never has to use the words ‘No rep’

The table has been turned this year, and I’ll be the judge.  Using my discretion and close eye to up hold range of motion.  I’m praying the words ‘No rep’ NEVER have to come out my mouth, but if they do, it’s for the greater good.  What’s the greater good?  Making sure the Games standards are upheld and those that don’t get credit for incomplete reps.

I must say….knowing how important this weekend is to everyone competing I’m very nervous about doing a good job.