I’ve got puppy brain

For those of you who don’t know already I’ve recently (as in this past Monday) become the proud mom of an 8 week old Cane Corso, and I’ll tell you what…. she’s INCREDIBLY distracting. In a good way of course.

There’s nothing sweeter than a puppy cuddling into you, a lick on the nose and of course the fact that they’re always under your feet.  Needless to say I’ve found it hard to get anything done.  I just want to play and cuddle with the puppy all day. And that’s just what I did.  I still ran my box of course, but pretty much every minute I wasn’t coaching it was all about Aila.  (it means ‘from a place of strength’ aka..she is a gym mascot)

The old Kate would have been all work all focus.  Since my injury I’ve really learned that there’s more to life than working your ass off.  I’ve learned to slow down and enjoy the little things.  Like laying in the sun with a napping puppy for an hour during the day.  The work will always be there, and the todo list will never be empty.  So this week I’ve had puppy brain, and I’m TOTALLY ok with it.  It’s ok to stop and breath sometimes.  I’ll worry about working later.  For now I’ve got puppy on the brain.

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