Learning new sports: Highland Games/Strongman

This past Saturday I practiced one of CrossFit’s founding ideas….learn new sports.  I learned Highland Games & Strongman events.  The day consisted of 6 total events; three highland games, three strongman.

Highland Events:
Bramaer Stone
Weight for Distance
Weight for Height

Strongman Events:
Farmer walk/Tire flip medley
Axel Clean & press
Crucible hold

This event reminded me very much of a CrossFit event in that all of the competitors male and female were there to help each other out.  Coca CrossFit had four newbies to this kind of event, and we were kind of ‘winging it’ so to speak.  We were literally learning the rules of each event as we starting them.  It was incredibly laid back, and competitive at the same time.  And the best part…we got to wear kilts!

Coming off a broken back and never having competed in such an event I went in without any expectations other than to have fun and learn some stuff.  After the first event I found myself in 1st place.  WOW!  This would be the trend through the whole day leaving me in fist place, and the other Coca woman took 2nd.  While I know I have a pretty good base with CrossFit I didn’t expect it to transfer over so well.

On our way out two of other women asked about this whole ‘CrossFit thing’  We may not specialize, but we did prove we’re well rounded.