It’s a LOOOOONG way up

As I continue to hit workouts post injury I’m slowly realizing my comeback is going to take longer than I thought.  I knew that coming off an injury would be a difficult road, but I guess I didn’t truly realize just how difficult.

Today I hit a wod I thought would be ‘easy’…. and boy was I wrong.

I hit a 21-15-9 of OHS at 65lbs and burpees. Just warming up with the 65lbs felt like it could have been 135. My shoulders were tired from the strict presses I had just maxed on, and my legs were feeling yesterdays back squat wod. I was already dreading this wod before I started the clock.

3…2…1.. GO! I was able to string the first 15 together, but had to break after that. Are you freaking kidding me?!?!? It’s only 65lbs. I just kept replaying to myself…it’s not about setting records, it’s about finishing wods pain free. ‘Every rep is a rep closer to recovery’

I managed to finish the wod in 5:29 which isn’t terrible, but not nearly what I wanted. I need to relax and realize that I’m moving again…I’m woding again…and every rep is rep closer to the 2012 Crossfit Games season.

I’m at the bottom of the mountain…and it’s a LOOOONG way up, but I’ll get there… mark my word.

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