Lead from the front

It’s often asked what it takes to be a good leader.  There are thousands up thousands of books on what it takes to be a leader.  You can spend millions on seminars and conferences to learn how to be a leader.  And then there are those people like me….natural born leaders.

I’ve never set out to be a leader or in charge, it’s always kind of just happened.  I grew up playing soccer, and I never missed a practice, I was always coachable and there was never  a doubt that I left my heart on the field every game.  And MUCH to my surprise… I was voted captain of the varsity soccer team as a SOPHMORE!

That was my first true test of leadership.  I had broken the tradition of ‘seniors’ are captains, and it was made clear that this was not ok with the entire team.  There I was in a spot of leadership that I hadn’t asked for.  I didn’t go out of my way to tell people I was the captain and I made the choices.  I put my head down, worked hard, and before I knew it I had earned the respect of the previously upset girls.

I faced a similar situation my junior year of college.  I was nominated to run for chapter president, and was talked into running.  I hadn’t asked to be president, hell, it wasn’t even something I had on my goal list, but there I stood on election night speaking from the heart and sure enough, I was the new president.

Some call it a ‘silver spoon’…. that some people just have good things handed to them.  I call bull sh*t!  I’ve worked my tail feathers off my entire life, and as a result good things have come.  I believe in being honest with people, speaking from the heart and as cheesy as it sounds, I thrive off helping others achieve their goals.

It turns out…. those are some the same traits people pay thousands of dollars to try and learn to do.  I don’t run around saying how great I am.  I work hard and let the results speak for themselves.  While others are busy criticizing….I’m busy leading from the front.

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