Working weaknesses hurts…mentally & physically

This past Sunday Coca CrossFit hosted the first of many Traveling Sunday WOD.  The idea of the group is to get local crossfitters together from different gyms working together.  If you look at a lot of the ‘hot spots’ for athletes they all have something in common.  They all work with other athletes that are as good or better than they are.  Cleveland is officially following suite.

I kicked off the first of an 8 week cycle, and I knew I what I wanted to work on.  My weaknesses….. aka gymnastic skills.  So I programed in muscle ups, hspus and rope climbs.  It was clear that 2 muscle ups in, I haven’t quite gotten them back.  So instead of staring at the rings for the day I modified and did transitions.  The workout wasn’t about pride, it was about getting better.  The best way to get better at muscle ups isn’t to continue to fail, but to slow it down and work the transition.

I capped of the day with max rope climbs in 3 min with 3 min rest for 4 rounds.  I don’t do too much rope climbs, and I learned a lesson real fast…..while long socks are great, I should have worn pants too.  Above is a picture of my ankle, and there’s the same kind of rash up the entire inside of my left leg.

I learned something about myself during this wod.  To push through the pain and get one  more rep or in this case one more climb.  It can be hard to slow down and scale or not walk away when skin is being torn, but I know it’s for a bigger gain in the long run.