Playing with fitness

Yesterday Coca CrossFit has some fun playing with fitness as well as getting in some marketing.  We participated in the local homecoming parade, but we added a twist, we pulled our float…..a pullup float.

That’s right, we pulled a pullup rig and committed to finishing 1,000 pullups before we hit the end of the parade.  We actually ended up reaching 1,500!  I guess we’ll have to up it to 2,000 next year lol

It was not only a unique way to market the box, but it was a really unique way to host a team building activity.  At the end of the event we sat around for 2 hours laughing about how much fun it was, and the faces on everyone’s faces as we pulled a working pullup rig by them.  Thanks to the box that gave us the idea for this… not sure who you were, we just remember seeing it posted somewhere, and it was a HUGE hit!  We even won best float.

2 thoughts on “Playing with fitness

  1. We did something like this in our local Freedom Festival parade in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We pulled a big 4×4 truck that had a pull-up bar in the back. It was AMAZING! And hearing all the people in the crowd gasp when they realized that we were pulling it was great.

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