What’s it worth to you?

My parents have pretty much accepted that I’m nuts, and while they know why I do what I do, they still question some of the things I do. Yesterday was a perfect example. I drove two hours to train for two hour to drive two more hours home. Why? Because I want to be the best, so I’m willing to travel to train with the best.

I’m lucky enough to be two short hours from a pretty damn good olympic lifting coach, Mark Canella. I’ve worked with Mark for three months now and I can already tell a significant difference in my form and technique for the better. Taking the time to drive to Columbus allowed me to lift and lift and lift under the watchful eye of a coach. Video and mirrors can only do so much. The other perk was that he trains some of the best lifters around allowing me to see what it’s supposed to look like first hand. All great ways of learning…seeing, talking and feeling.

I have a feeling that this trip will be a weekly or biweekly event until I can consistently know and feel how to correct my errors. It’s not often you have such a valuable resource so close. I’d be crazy not utilizing it.

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