Feeling a little upside down

Today I had the joy of taking on ‘Angie’ and if that’s not rough enough I had to do it upside down. If you’ve never done Angie, it’s 100 pullups, 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats, reverse that order, and you’re doing it upside down.

I can honestly say that I’ve never done it upside down before so this was a whole new experience.  I knew going in that pushups were going to be a sticking point for me, but I couldn’t have planned on the amount of gas they would take out my tank heading into the pullups.  The first 10 felt like the last 10 usually feel in Angie.

What normally takes me less than 5 minutes took me almost 8.  My forearms were on fire, my grip was shot and my lats were screaming.  The good part of completing it in 18:06 was that I completed it. Now I have a baseline to chip away at.  Upside down Angie and I have a date set in 6 weeks.  Bring it Angie….. Bring it

2 thoughts on “Feeling a little upside down

  1. I got to enjoy upside down Angie on the same day with some of your peeps at Legacy – and suffer the aftermath. Ouch! I too have a time to chip away at (19:02) – and I know exactly where I need to make up time – those darn Pull Ups which took me an eternity to finish!!! And my left arm went completely numb 🙂 Good job and thanks for posting!

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