Know when to fold ’em

This past Saturday my cousin got married in my back yard, and I took full advantage of celebrating as I didn’t have to travel any where to get home. ┬áThe problem with doing that is that the alarm is still going to go off the next day for the Sunday Traveling WOD. ┬áThis is a group of athletes that travel each Sunday to a different box in the Cleveland area to tackle games level wods.

This particular Sunday was an hour away, and the wod was BRUTAL

10-1 of
Power Clean (men-185/women-135)
Front Squat
100m run between rounds

This would be a rough wod under good conditions. Now take into account that I went to bed at 3:30am after 12 hours of drinking beer, margaritas and shots. I rolled out of bed minutes before I had to leave (actually late), and didn’t eat breakfast. My head was pounding before the 3…2…1.. GO! But I thought…I’m a CrossFitter, I can do this.

By the time I reached the first power clean of the 7th round I was white as a ghost, according to on lookers, feeling faint and seeing black spots. It was at that point I decided that under these conditions I need to pack it in. My health is more important than picking up heavy things for time.

And as much of a loser as I felt, I knew that my body was just not prepared to be put under such extreme conditions. Sometimes you just have to know when to fold ’em.