Flu flu go away

I should have listened to my body a week ago when I woke up with a scratchy throat,  but no, I took a long nap, drank some hot tea and kept charging ahead.  What happened a week later…THE FLU! Smart Kate…reeeeeeal smart.

Instead of slowing down for a day I was knocked on my ass for three whole days.  I think I showered once and ate less than that.  The good news though is that Coca CrossFit, my box, didn’t skip a beat.

One of my trainers, Marty Shea, stepped up to the plate and allowed me to lock myself in my bedroom for three days.  While I’m not 100% healthy, I’m vertical and can have a conversation knowing where I’m at.  That would not be the case had I had to continue to ‘push through it’.

Today I got back to woding with the mainpage wod
35 double unders
200m run
5 rounds
I completed in in 6:11, and know I could have done it faster. Unfortunately I shortened my jump rope just before starting the wod, and I made it FAR too short. I managed to cut it so short that if I extended my torso completely I caught my foot. I must have snagged my foot every 5ish reps after the first round. I know I could have hit it sub 6 with a rope that was 2-3″ longer.

You live and you learn… and at damn did it feel good to sweat again.