Tabatha…GET UP!

No, not that Tabatha (the image is from Tabatha’s Salon Takeover for those that haven’t seen the show)

One of my members at Coca CrossFit happens to be an assistant minster at a local church. She’s been with me for three months, and has seen incredible changes not only physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

This past Sunday she invited to speak to her congregation about health and wellness.  That same day Kim led the sermon and it was truly inspiring to hear.  Her basis for the sermon that day was the passage about a woman named Tabatha translated to Dorkis.  A woman that spent all her time creating robes for widows and the poor.  All the way until the day she died. St. Peter heard of Tabatha’s good deeds, went to her, and demanded she ‘GET UP!” Where she miraculously arose with the understanding that she wasn’t alone and that while she was busy doing for others, she needed to make time for herself too. (now…keep in mind I’m not religious so I may have ‘screwed’ that story up a little)

Kim did a beautiful job of relating that story to her and the congregations lives.  We’re all so busy ‘doing’ that we sometimes lose sight of spending time on ourselves.  And one of the major things people lose sight of is their health.  Enter my speech stage right….

Post mass I spoke to the congregation about the importance of health and wellness in general and of course about what is CrossFit.  During the Q&A a woman began talking about how this speech was brought into her life at just the right time.  She had recently visited a doctor that had warned her about her heart health and making changes in her life.

Me….being comically driven….looked at this woman and what came out of my mouth???  ‘Tabatha…it sounds like you need to GET UP!’ Just as quickly as it came out, I wanted to suck it back in.  Maybe you shouldn’t make comical references to the bible.  But the room lost it with laughter, she stood up and continued to tell me her story.

Just as much as it affected the congregation it effected me.  Working with all the coaches I am in my life I’m realizing that I need to do a better job of ‘Getting up’ myself. If I keep giving myself away I wont have anything left to give.


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