Owning My Vision

Anyone that’s been following along the last two weeks knows that I’ve been working with a life coach for about a month now, and man oh man is it eye opening. Part of working with a life coach is working on daily or weekly ‘homework’.  Part of last weeks call and discovery was creating a vision of what I want, and how it would feel.

I thought about editing it because it may sounds silly, but it’s my vision and I’m owning it!

I am known in CrossFit and fitness in general.  I change peoplpe lives. I reach a larger audience. I connect with many people and make change on a large scale.

I don’t stress about where money comes from.  I have a sence of freedom.  I have started a successful non-profit with my money.

I own a 3 bedroom condo.  I don’t have to deal with maintence or a yard,  I feel safe, secure and at home.  its a place where i can turn it off and escape.

I am married.  There is complete trust and no need to impress.  We compliment and counterbalance each other.  My partner is strong and supportive.

My family is around me.  They accept me for who I am.  My family is tight knit, there no matter what,

I have a network of of friends old and new.  They love me for who I am.  We support and enrich each others lives.  I can ask them for help. 

I participate in the creative arts.  I enjoy who the arts are non-judgemental and allow me to participate in a non physical activity, to slow doen and stop.

I have achieved my CSCS.  I allow myself to Just BE, to be okay with stopping, having medititive moments….breathing.  I trust in others. 

I wake up everday and love the way I look.  I accept myself 100% for who I am. 

I ahve good health.  I don’t need medication.  I eat healthy foods and have a healthy lifestyle.  I am not a victim in my body.

I compete in CrossFit as long as I can do it healthily and witout risking the other parts of my life.