Have you seen me?

I’ve realized something fantastic the last day and a half…..I had lost myself.  The past two years of competing have really helped fill my life with purpose and a driving force to continue to improve myself.  When I broke my back in December I was forced to change my priorities as I was forced to sit out competition.

I was able to focus on building my business and refocusing on my health for a quick return to competition.  I didn’t realize just how far lost I felt until we pulled out of the driveway for The Beast of the East.  A surge of excitement went through my body that I hadn’t felt in a long time.  The excitement of putting it all on the line, the fear of putting myself out there, to meet new and connect with old friends and of course have FUN!

The closer the event gets the more I feel like the old me.  A me I didn’t know I missed so much.  If everything else this weekend goes wrong I’ve already won!  I know without a doubt that I LOVE competing, training for competition and everything else revolved around it.  I knew I missed competing, but I’ve found a part of me I didn’t even know I lost.