After feeling like I hit rock bottom in the turkish get up earlier in the day I was left sitting in 11th place.  One place out of making it to the final wod of the weekend as only the top 10 got to do the last ‘mystery’ wod.  I also needed to prove to myself that I was good enough.

I know that sounds weird, but I have self doubt.  Even after making it to the CrossFit Games and picking up some awesome sponsors I still have doubt.  Especially since this was my first competition post injury (a broken L5 vertebra).

I knew the movements would not be the issue.  it was a 21-15-9 or calories on the rower, ohs at 65lbs and burpees.  If I was going to have an issue it would be my ability to keep moving, and that’s all mental.  So I cleared my mind of everything and put my faith in my abilities and my training.

3…2…1…GO!  I was the third one off the rower, which made me happy as I HATE HATE HATE rowing.  I hit the OHS exactly as I wanted…controlled and deliberate and more importantly unbroken.  Into the burpees.  I picked a pace and kept it, and I was the first back on the rower.  The 15’s weren’t a problem and it was into the 9’s.  At this point I knew I had it…I gained momemtum and charged ahead.

9….off the rower first….. ohs completely unbroken into the burpees.  It took everything I had to not take a little extra break to breath.  I knew I could get air after.  TIME!  and the crowd went crazy.

What I didn’t see was the photo finish between myself, Emily Pale and Christy Phillips.  It’s still questionable whom finished first according to the fans, but the results put me tied for a second on that wod with Christy Phillips.  I’ll take it.  I was on cloud 9!  (well once I regained my ability to breath and walk).

I am good enough!  I do still have it!  I still have fire!  and of course, it bumped me to 7th and put me into the final wod.  Which was announced to be a strongman medley