Know your body

I think one of the most important skills I’ve learned over the last four plus years of CrossFitting is my ability to know my body.  I’m not talking more than just the physical structure and anatomy, but the over all body.

When I started CrossFitting I was a casual few times a week kind of athlete. It took about a year before I starting doing a 3 on 1 off, and saw some great success with that.  Here I sit three years later, and I know my body better than ever.  I know when I’m able to hit two wods in a day.  I know when I need to work more skill work over heavy lifts.  I know when I’m tired from sleepless nights vs fatigue from pushing too hard.

It’s taken tons of fine tuning, but I’ve gotten pretty good at knowing my body.  And from that I’ve learned when I can push for bigger gains and when I need to lay low for a few.  The biggest issue I see with training programs some times is that they look to follow someone else’s program, and that doesn’t always work.  No two people recover or respond the same way.

Just like most other issues around training, use yourself as a test dummy and figure out what works for you.