Human error is a part of sport

One of the unavoidable parts of competing in any sport is human error.  You can get mad, throw a fit and talk about how unfair it was, or suck it up and keep working hard knowing you achieved the goal you set out to achieve.

This past weekend is a perfect example of this. I competed in a throwdown in Cincinnati, OH and had a total blast.  It was my second competition back and it felt good.  No issues with my back and while there were a few things I would have changed, I was happy with my performance. Heading into the last workout I was sitting in third place by a point, CRUSHED it and landed in fourth.  While the math didn’t add up, I clapped, smiled and congratulated the winners.

A group from my gym was really confused.  How could you be in third, crush that wod and fall to forth.  It didn’t add up.  My reply was ‘It doesn’t make sense to me either, but it’s fine.  I know I did well.”

That was NOT enough for them. They nicely (like hungry vultures over a dead body) asked the score girl what happened.  After a few minutes and a few recounts turns out she had entered my score into another girls column and given me her score.  When the error was fixed I did end up in second over all.  whoop whoop!

At that point I had missed the podium photo and public recognition, but I knew, and that was all I wanted. Of course the throw down director felt terrible and my response was ‘part of sport is human error, no worries.  It was a great event and I’ll be back next year.’

Of course, it’s easier to have this attitude when it’s a fun throw down, but you can bet I would have protested harder if it were regionals and this were my shot at getting back to the games, but it wasn’t.  And at the end of the day I still had fun, the wods were fun and I got to meet and spend time with new and old friends.

We wanted CrossFit to be a sport…well guess what….part of sport is human error.

4 thoughts on “Human error is a part of sport

  1. Kate,

    This is one of the many reasons I think you are awesome. You are extremely classy and highly professional. Your presence elevated the competition and we were lucky to have you. Hope to see you soon.


  2. Kate,
    It takes a great person to be able to shrug off others mistakes even when they affect you. I would definitely have been one of the hungry vultures if that had happened to me! (Not that I’d be at risk to be placing 2nd in a competition any time soon!) Having people like you around to constantly remind me what is important is incredibly valuable and I love reading your blog and others like it to remind me of the important things!

  3. I have to agree 100% with PAT..Your attitude through this, even though you say it may be different is exactly what people have to come to love about you and will see come out in flying colors at the games 2012 !! 😉

    GREAT WORK !!!!

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