This just in……

Swimming is hard!

Today I finally ripped off the band aid and got back in the pool.  Last year I had spent a few weeks getting comfortable in the water only to have an injury that took me out of all working out all together.

After two competitions under my belt, and it’s clear that my back is going to hold up, and with regionals 102 days away, it’s time to get serious.  I have a clear plan to attack the 2012 Games season.  My goals is to be as well rounded as possible.

I’ve chosen to spent some time learning to swim because I believe it applies to much more than just not drowning.  You have to control your breathing, stay relaxed, moving slow moves you faster, and all the small little changes to your stroke teach you body awareness.  Plus it’s fun to learn and play new sports.

I have committed to get into the pool every Tuesday at a minimum to work on my swimming.